Connie Maxwell Children’s Home


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process of placing a child?
Children are accepted on the basis of need and our ability to help them.  Referrals may come from any concerned person who knows of a child in  need of residential placement. However, an application can only be taken from a parent or legal custodian who is a South Carolina resident. An  initial interview with the parent and child is held either on the campus or at one of the regional offices. If the parent wants to pursue  admission for his or her child, application materials are given at that  time. A family service worker assists the parents or guardian in the  application process, and gathers as much information as possible to  determine the appropriateness of Connie Maxwell’s services to the needs  of the child and family. The application process may take as little as  several hours for the shelter programs to several weeks for the other  residential programs. Randy McManus serves as Campus Administrator and acts as our Intake Coordinator in Greenwood, at 1-800-868-2624.

How do I become a volunteer?
Opportunities are many and varied at Connie Maxwell for volunteering. Churches and/or groups can visit or perform volunteer projects on any of the campuses. Many help sponsor a cottage on the main campus or one of the satellite locations. Individuals and groups may enjoy volunteering to help with a one-time project or an ongoing one. Projects can include teaching crafts, tutoring, physical work programs, being a pen pal or sponsoring a cottage. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination! Contact Debbie McDowell, Director of Church and Partner Services , at 1 (864) 942-1405 or 1 (800) 868-CMCH ext 1405 or email her at

Am I allowed to take pictures of the children and post them on social media sites?
Permission must be given by our Director of Communications or by authorized staff such as a family service worker or director to those visiting our campuses in order to take pictures of the children.  Many of our children are under certain protections and cannot be photographed.  Should you be given permission please do not post their pictures with their names on any web site.  Placing their names on the web is not allowed under any conditions due to the public nature of the internet. 

May I donate toys, clothes and other items to the children and how do I do this?
We welcome gifts for the children and the best course of action is to work through our Director of Volunteer Services.Contact Debbie McDowell, Director of Volunteer Services , at 1 (864) 942-1405 or 1 (800) 868-CMCH ext 1405 or email her at During the Christmas season you will want to contact Shelby Brown for a Christmas Wish List.

How can I find out about a family member that grew up at Connie Maxwell?
You need to make a formal request in writing to: Tim Duncan Connie Maxwell Children's Home P.O. Box 1178 Greenwood, SC 29648-1178.  *This is a state requirement as to having to make a formal request in writing. You may wish to email him prior to sending the formal request regarding details of the request at

Can I adopt a child from Connie Maxwell?
We are not an adoption agency but do have children placed in our care from time to time that are adoptable.  You need to contact Tim Duncan of our staff who may be of assistance.  His email is  You may reach him at 1-800-868-2624.