Connie Maxwell Children’s Home


Churches caring for children and families...

Through prayer, volunteering and financial support churches care for children!


Debbie McDowell, Director of Church and Partner Services, can work with your church on a volunteer project or speak in your church!


 If you are needing to request materials for your church or organization then email Debbie McDowell at or call (864) 942-1405 or 1-800-868-2624.  Debbie is also available to speak in your church regarding our ministry with children.

Please fill out the form shown below to request materials as you promote Connie Maxwell with your church or organization!



Tony Atkinson is available to stop by your church to assist you in caring for children.  Tony travels across South Carolina visiting churches to help keep them informed about this tender ministry to children.  He is available to speak in your church.


Rhonda Littleton, Director of Foster Care, can visit with you in your home or church about your interest in opening your home(s) to assist a child in need.