Connie Maxwell Children’s Home


Your help is needed for the care of children and families!

You can help care for children and families through prayer, volunteering and financial support!

There are a variety of ways that you may support the children of Connie Maxwell. From direct donations to volunteer work to food drives to estate gifts . These are just some of the ways you may help. Below is a list of  folks to contact that will assist you in becoming involved with caring  for children who have seen the rougher side of life. You may also follow the links!

Making a major or special gift!

Since 1892, Connie Maxwell has been providing Hope for South Carolina’s children and families in need. With your support, the Gifts of Hope  program will allow us to continue serving those who are at risk and most vulnerable. Funds from the Hope program go straight to providing basic  necessities such as food, clothing, medical, and educational needs. You  may also choose to provide a Hope Scholarship to a struggling,  single-parent family by giving them the opportunity to enroll in our new Family’s Journey Ministry. Partner with us today and invest in the lives of  these precious children and families. Whatever your interest or desired  giving level, these gifts will be used to directly benefit the children  and families in our care. You may contact Eric Taylor, Vice President for Development or Chris  Beckham, Director of Development at 864-942-1400 or 800-868-2624 to  discuss a variety of options on how you can partner with Connie Maxwell  to Care for Children!  Click on the links below to send an email.








Full Cottage Sponsorship -
$48,000.00 Provides the yearly food, clothing, medical and educational needs for  an entire cottage of eight children. This can be a one-time gift or  spread out over quarterly or monthly installments.
Hope Child Scholarship -
$6,000.00  Provides the yearly food, clothing, medical and educational needs for one child
Enrichment Scholarship -
$5,000.00 These scholarships help sustain our enrichment activities and  therapeutic programs and are an integral part of the healing process, vital for healthy development and self esteem. These include gym  activities, ropes course, camping and canoeing trips, therapeutic horse  programs, etc.
Hope Family Scholarship -
$5,000.00 Provides the opportunity for a single parent family to receive care  through our new Family Care Program (typically six to nine months).
Cottage Activity Sponsor -
$100.00 monthly This popular sponsorship will provide a fun, off-campus outing for a cottage of eight children each month. Activities include birthday parties,  skating, bowling, or dinner.