Connie Maxwell Children’s Home


Enriching the lives of children

Connie Maxwell strives to enrich the lives of children in a variety of settings

Welcome to Connie Maxwell Baptist Church on the campus of
Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. The church is a fully functioning Southern  Baptist church in which people from the home and the Greenwood community are welcome to attend and join.  We seek to minister to the spiritual  needs of all those who enter this beautiful place of worship. Enter for  Bible Study and Worship and depart to serve the Christ. Services on Sunday  traditionally begin at 10:00am with Bible Study and Worship follows at  11:00am. Our satellite campuses attend SC Baptist churches in their  community.


The Enrichment Program of Connie Maxwell at the Sam M. Smith Activities Center serves the needs of children in  the area of recreation and activities. Students may swim in the pool,  play basketball at the gym, take art, watch movies, go to the playground or playroom or just enjoy the backyard of their cottage. Students also  enjoy going on field trips and to camp. No matter what our children are  involved in they receive the supportive love they need to grow because  Connie Maxwell cares! Michael Gambrell is the Director of Enrichment and Amanda Cotchcroft serves as Assistant Director.


Rev. Miller Murphy

Katie Troutman
Ministerial Assistant




Corbin Herron    (with his wife Anna)
Minister of Music and Students