Connie Maxwell Children’s Home


Experiencing the outdoors at Connie Maxwell

The Connie Maxwell farm at OASIS - Outdoor Adventures Specifically Involving Students

A working farm with a ropes course, walking trails, horse back riding, cabins (with a kitchen, bath house , and picnic shelter area) , fishing ponds and amphitheater is located on the campus of Connie Maxwell in Greenwood! Each year the farm hosts school children, cross-country track meets, HarvestFest and many other activities! Connie Maxwell students also work on the farm as they help take care of the cattle and horses, maintain a garden and provide for the overall upkeep. Contact Brad Martin, OASIS Director, at 864-554-3387 or email him at to learn more.

The Connie Maxwell Children’s Home Challenge Course, an integral part of our services, offers our students, staff and outside groups physical and mental challenges.The program’s combination of group games, initiative problems, and high elements add up to personal and group growth, as well as exciting adventures.This growth takes place in an atmosphere of caring support. Contact the director, Sandy McManus, at 864-942-1400 or 800-868-2624 or email her at