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The Forgiveness Initiative

Forgiveness is the curriculum at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. Forgiveness is the answer in my own life. Forgiveness is the key to unity and peace in the world. Forgiveness is the Heart of God. ...


God, the Pest Control Man, and the Miracle at McDonalds

After our “divine encounter” with a 5-year-old little boy at a seafood restaurant in Garden City, South Carolina, Debra and I surrendered to a “Call” to serve children at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. We moved all our belongings to Greenwood and settle i...


Share Your Story

Your story is an important part of Connie Maxwell Children's Home history, so please share it with us! What do you remember about your years at Connie Maxwell–your cottage parents, friends and spiritual life? How did your time at Connie Maxwell shape you into who you are today? Your accomplishments and challenges could serve as an inspiration to fellow alumni, as well as children and families currently in our care. We also want to make sure we have your current contact information so we can continue to stay connected. 

Share Your Story

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